Monday, July 23, 2012

Another encouraging success… worked on this piece for the Fresno Art Museum Trashique Show 2012 in April. To my surprise, i was a top favorite and just this weekend was informed that the Trashique event will be traveling to LA for the PennyLane Organization next year!!! EXCITEMENT!!!
This is an old piece… created her last year for the Rogue Festival 2012. The Festival took place in March, and though its been several months now, i still love her.

She was the piece that started it all for me, before i decided to pursue fine art as a second career, i focused mainly on animation, always putting fine art in the back burner.  Since Rogue, its been one success after another, encouraging me to continue working on new pieces and giving Art as much attention as my work in Animation.
Thank you Rogue!!!

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