Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A stillness of Explosive Colors

Lets start by introducing some of my work.
I have spent the past few years contemplating on starting a blog. I start one and then delete it due to the lack of commitment I tend to demonstrate.
But today is a new page, new goals surface and I feel that this time around i will commit to keeping up with a blog.

My main reason for a blog, I guess like everybody, is to promote my work. Like every artist, i seek adulation for my talent and recognition amongst my piers.

Art is what inspires us, Art is what motivates us to venture into the world and confront its depressing realities with a colorful stance and a creative and liberated expression of ideals that are better put to canvas, walls, sketch books, websites and of course blogs, so we can not only be recognized for our talent, but for being that artist that brought a smile to that brooding individual surfing the web bored or on the bus annoyed at life.

To many Art is what defines us, but to the majority, Art is what moves us, and with that said, i introduce my latest piece... still in progress, but an inspiration of color and an allegory to the human form and its link to arts in a colorful explosion of brightness and creative chaos.

The simplicity of the body symbolizes man and woman's willing integration to Art and its explosion of themes and designs that forever bring to us a  sense of endless possibilities.

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